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Best CoQ10

I am not only taking NutriGenomic Naturals CoQ10 daily but also have my mother who has heart issues taking it. We are both pleased with the quality and feel it helps our over all health. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The Best!

This is the best brand of CoEnzyme Q10 out there!

Great Product

Great product and excellent Customer Service, especially Lisa!

The only one I will buy

I have been taking Nutrigenomics CoQ10 for 2 years now. I began taking after I developed issues from using statins. I am one of those people that develops muscle weakness from their use. Given that, I was told to try CoQ10 and I wanted the best quality I could find. Within 2 weeks of using this product, my legs were less painful and I could walk further. Recently, I ran out bc of pandemic and I cannot tell you how terrible the pain I had was. After finally being able to take this product again, my pain has lessened somewhat. I use this along with turmeric and Omega w/vit D as recommended by the research for my ailment. I have personally communicated with the company and feel confident they have a superior quality control in place so you can be confident you are purchasing the finest CoQ10 on the market. I never want to run out again!!

Great product

Arrived quickly and this is my third reorder

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Why Us?

Why choose NutriGenomic Naturals®?  We custom formulate Nutraceuticals, which are a special class of supplements that actually provide medicinal or health benefits that can help prevent or help treat health issues. They are therapeutic grade, optimal quality, effective formulas and were a big part of our founder's treatment, resolution and recovery from a a few severe and so called "incurable" autoimmune diseases. Nutrigenomics is the field of science that studies the interaction of nutrition and genes; specifically how food/diet and supplements affect genetic expression to either cause disease or promote good health.

We have consulted with leading Doctors, practitioners and nutrition experts specializing in the field of Nutrigenomics, Naturopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine and we produce effective Nutraceuticals with the active bio-identical forms of nutrients that the body needs, versus cheap synthetic forms that are poorly absorbed or unusable entirely due to genetic polymorphisms (mutations).

Many people have various genetic SNP’s (Single-nucleotide polymorphisms) which are mutations that cause the inability to convert synthetic forms of nutrients to the active forms the body needs and can use. The synthetic forms are much cheaper and easier to produce versus the active bioavailable forms, so they are common in the market, but you will never find them in our formulas. We only use the active bioavailable forms, which everyone can use. We don’t cut corners on this and that’s why our nutraceuticals are effective and you can see by our reviews, that our customers get results and feel the benefits.  

Our formulas are proudly made in the USA and every ingredient is sourced in the USA as well. Our products are manufactured under strict quality standards in certified GMP and FDA certified facilities and every batch undergoes rigorous 3rd party testing for potency, purity, safety and efficacy. We test for heavy metal and microbial contamination at the ingredient level and final batch level. We exclude ingredients commonly found in other brands because they inhibit absorption or are allergens or synthetic inactive forms the body can’t utilize. 

Our founder's own healing journey inspired her to go back to school and get an education in the fields that helped her heal, in order to help others most effectively. She is a Certified Functional Medicine and Genomics Practitioner, Certified Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist specializing in Nutrigenomics. She was naturally inspired to create a Nutraceutical brand centered around all the supplements that helped her heal and those critical for optimal health and so NutriGenomic Naturals® was born.

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