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Great Product

I have been using this brand of CoQ10 for several years. I feel assured I am getting what I need to stay healthy!

joints are feeling better

I am a fan of Dr. Ken Berry and he recommended your CoQ10 because it didn't have any unnecessary ingredients. It seems to be working and I am looking forward to ordering it again. I was a little worried yesterday when I saw you were sold out but this email has reassured me that I will be ordering again. Virginia Williamson


This is great for the body. Every one should be taking this daily is my opinion.

Best CoQ10

I am not only taking NutriGenomic Naturals CoQ10 daily but also have my mother who has heart issues taking it. We are both pleased with the quality and feel it helps our over all health. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The Best!

This is the best brand of CoEnzyme Q10 out there!

Why Us?

Why choose NutriGenomic Naturals®?  We custom formulate Nutraceuticals, which are a special class of supplements that actually provide medicinal or health benefits that can help prevent or help treat health issues. They are therapeutic grade, optimal quality, effective formulas and were a big part of our founder's treatment, resolution and recovery from a few severe and so called "incurable" autoimmune diseases. Nutrigenomics is the field of science that studies the interaction of nutrition and genes; specifically how food/diet and supplements affect genetic expression to either cause disease or promote good health.

We have consulted with leading Doctors, practitioners and nutrition experts specializing in the field of Nutrigenomics to produce effective Nutraceuticals with the active bioidentical forms of nutrients that the body needs, instead of the common cheap synthetic forms that are poorly absorbed or unabsorbable entirely due to genetic polymorphisms (mutations).

Every human being has various genetic SNP’s (Single-nucleotide polymorphisms) which are gene mutations that alter the normal function of the gene, either mildy, moderately or severely. Many are harmless, but some cause the inability to convert synthetic forms of nutrients into the active forms the body needs and is able to use, resulting in deficientes that can cause symtoms and disease.

For example, about 61% of the population has at least one variant of the MTHFR SNP, rendering them unable to convert regular folic acid from food or synthetic supplements into the active form the body uses, because they lack sufficient production of enzymes neccessary to convert folic acid into it's active form: folate. So, they must supplement with the already converted, active form of folate called methyltetrahydrofolate. Otherwise, they will become deficient in this critical nutrient and over time it can cause symptoms and illness. This same MTHFR SNP also effects converting B12 in food and synthetic supplements (cynacobalamin) into it's active form and so the already converted, methylated, active form called methylcobalamin needs to be taken.

Synthetic forms of vitamins and nutrients are much cheaper and easier to produce versus active bioavailable forms, so they are very common in the market, but you will never find them in our formulas. We only use the active bioavailable forms that everyone can use, no matter which genetic SNPs you have. We don’t cut corners on this and that’s why our nutraceuticals are really effective and you can see by our reviews, that our customers get results and feel the benefits. 

Our founder suffered with Chronic Fatigue syndrome resutling from a severe B12 and folate deficiency that was contributing to thyroid isuses and autoimmune symptoms, until a wonderful Doctor educated in NutriGenomics tested her for the MTHFR gene mutation variants and discovered she was compund heterozygous for 2 variants: A1298C and C677T, which explained why she was so deficient despite taking synthetic B12 and folic acid and eating foods that contained them.

Convertional blood labs showed high B12 and folic acid levels because these were not being used, since she could not convert them to the active forms and this was masking the deficiency. So, then she started supplementing with personalized doses of the active /already converted forms of B12 (methycobalamin) and the acitve form of folate ( methylfolate ) and the fatigue disappeared along with some autoimmune symptoms. It's amazing what can happen when the body gets the nutrients and enzymes it needs to function well. This is why we only use bioactive froms of nutrients in our supplements.

Our formulas are proudly made in the USA and every ingredient is sourced in the USA as well. Our products are manufactured under strict quality standards in an NSF certified, GMP certifed and FDA registered facility and every batch undergoes rigorous 3rd party testing for potency, purity, safety and efficacy. We test for heavy metal and microbial contamination at the ingredient level and final batch level. We exclude ingredients commonly found in other brands because they inhibit absorption or are allergens or synthetic inactive forms the body can’t utilize. 

Our founder's own healing journey inspired her to go back to school and get an education in the fields that helped her heal, in order to help others most effectively. She is a Certified Functional Medicine and Genomics Practitioner, Certified Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist specializing in Nutrigenomics. She was naturally inspired to create a Nutraceutical brand centered around all the Nutraceuticals that helped her heal and those critical for optimal health and so NutriGenomic Naturals® was born.

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