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Great Product

I have been using this brand of CoQ10 for several years. I feel assured I am getting what I need to stay healthy!

joints are feeling better

I am a fan of Dr. Ken Berry and he recommended your CoQ10 because it didn't have any unnecessary ingredients. It seems to be working and I am looking forward to ordering it again. I was a little worried yesterday when I saw you were sold out but this email has reassured me that I will be ordering again. Virginia Williamson


This is great for the body. Every one should be taking this daily is my opinion.

Best CoQ10

I am not only taking NutriGenomic Naturals CoQ10 daily but also have my mother who has heart issues taking it. We are both pleased with the quality and feel it helps our over all health. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The Best!

This is the best brand of CoEnzyme Q10 out there!

What Makes Our CoQ10 Superior

  1. IT'S BIOIDENTICAL FOR MAX EFFECTIVENESS- While other, brands cut costs by using synthetic CoQ10 derived from tobacco that is sourced in foreign countries and extracted with chemical solvents, making it poorly absorbed and full of chemical contaminants, our CoQ10 is naturally fermented from pure yeast, grown in the USA and is 100% Bioidentical to the CoQ10 produced by the body (at a young age); which means your body recognizes it and will absorb and utilize it fully, unlike synthetic versions. CoQ10 produced via yeast fermentation produces the trans-form (as opposed to the cis-form) of CoQ10. The trans form is chemically identical to the form of CoQ10 that is bio-synthesised within the body, making it 100% bioavailable. You can partially absorb synthetic versions with fat, but they are not utilized in the same way bioidentical forms are and therefore do not have the same absoprtion or benefits that bioidentical CoQ10 does. If you want the full benefits CoQ10 has to offer, take our bioidentical trans form. 

  2. 100% MADE IN THE USA - All of our ingredients are sourced in the USA and our CoQ10 softgels are actually made in the USA too; not just bottled here, but actually manufactured 100% in the USA, in a certified GMP, NSF and FDA registered facility. We have full control over the manufacturing process this way. We also obtain our raw ingredients from the highest quality sources. Thus the cost is higher, but so is the quality, purity, effectiveness and benefits you will feel.

  3. NO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS, INHIBITORS OR ALLERGENS - While many other brands commonly add avoidable ingredients such as fillers, thickeners, chemical coloring and flow agent additives that help ensure the manufacturing equipment runs smoother, we exclude these unnecessary ingredients because they can inhibit absorption, potentially cause health issues and are allergenic for some people. We also exclude all common allergens. Our CoQ10 does NOT contain the impurities that synthetic CoQ10 does or any potentially health-harming ingredients, allergens or chemical contaminants.

    Our CoQ10 does NOT contain any potentially health-harming ingredients.
    Our strict NO-NO List:

    🚫 NO Chemicals
    🚫 NO Pesticides
    🚫 NO GMOs
    🚫 NO Heavy metals
    🚫 NO Fillers
    🚫 NO Binders
    🚫 NO Thickeners
    🚫 NO Flow Agents
    🚫 NO Allergens
    🚫 NO Preservatives
    🚫 NO Synthetics
    🚫 NO Contaminants 
    Additives & Unneccesary ingredients:

    🚫 NO Silicon Dioxide
    🚫 NO Titanium Dioxide
    🚫 NO Magnesium /Veg. Stearate
    🚫 NO Carnauba wax or Beeswax
    🚫 NO Polysorbate 80
    🚫 NO Sorbitol
    🚫 NO Parabens
    🚫 NO Artificial Coloring (FD&C etc)
    🚫 NO Metals (Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium,  Mercury, nickel etc)
    🚫 NO Microbial contaminants (bacteria, mycoplasma, viruses and fungi) 

    🚫 NO Gluten / Wheat 
    🚫 NO Grains
    🚫 NO Dairy / Milk 
    🚫 NO Lactose
    🚫 NO Tree nuts
    🚫 NO Peanuts
    🚫 NO Soy
    🚫 NO Corn
    🚫 NO Shellfish / Fish
    🚫 NO Eggs 
    🚫 NO Sugar / Starch
    🚫 NO Salt / Sodim🚫 NO Yeast
    🚫 NO Black Pepper

  4.  PHOSPHOLIPIDS FOR MAX ABSORPTION / TAKE ANYTIME WITH OR WITHOUT FOOD - Since raw CoQ10/Ubiquinone is naturally fat soluble, which means it requires fat to dissolve and be absorbed, our CoQ10 is formulated in a suspension of Organic Olive Oil and pesticide-free Sunflower lecithin with two types of phospholipids; phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine, which are essential for cell memrbanes and act as a vehicle to transport nutrients into the cell, which maximizes absorption. And then we put this in a softgel for further absoprtion, making it easy to swallow and digest. This means you can take our CoQ10 at anytime, even on an empty stomach and still get the highest absorbption. With it being in the 100% bioidentical form, plus in a suspension of Oganic Olive oil and Phospholipids, this is how we achieve maximum absorption.

    It can also be taken with a meal or a snack, if you prefer, but it's not neccessary like with other CoQ10 supplements. Also, unlike water soluble COQ10, any unused amounts of our COQ10 is stored in body fat, so the body has access to it, when needed. There is no toxiciy limit for coq10 (like there is for Vitamin A, for example), so you don't have to worry about taking too much. Your body will take what it needs and store any excess for future use. 

  5. RIGOROUS 3RD PARTY TESTING - While many other brands do the bare minimum, we exceed FDA and GMP / good manufacturing practices. We believe that starting with the highest quality ingredients is the only way to ensure a pure, high quality and effective nutraceutical that will have therapeutic benefits. Every batch of our CoQ10 undergoes rigorous 3rd party testing for potency, purity, safety and efficacy. We test for heavy metal, chemical and microbial contamination at the ingredient level and final batch level. Many companies only test for microbial contamination as required by law, but nothing else. We are happy to provide you with a copy of our 3rd party testing. We believe in full transparency.

  6. UBIQUINONE FORM - Our CoQ10 is in the Ubiquinone form, which is the more stable, most studied and proven form of CoQ10 used in the majority of clincial trials and research over the last 30 years. Thousands of clinical trials have been conducted with Ubiquinone, only a few have been done with Ubiquinol. There is a lot of marketing hype claiming ubiquinol is better absorbed, but this is simply not true. The body needs both types and will convert Ubiquinone to Ubiquinol naturally back and forth between both forms in a continuous cycle inside the body, depending on which form is needed at the time. For more details see: Ubiquinone vs Ubiquinol.

  7. SUPPORT AMERICAN WORKERS AND OUR MISSION - Lastly, every bottle you purchase supports American workers across our entire supply chain and our mission to transform health via the science of Nutritional Genomics, aka NutriGenomics: the study of the interaction of nutrition and genes; how diet and supplements affect your genetic expression to improve health.

    In conclusion, it costs more to source, manufacture and thoroughly test raw ingredients and the finished supplement batches in this way, that puts what's best for your health as the top priority, but we beleive it is critical. You get what you pay for, so we recommend to avoid buying cheap synthetic versions of CoQ10 that will end up being a waste of time and money, since your body can't fully utiltize them, and they could potentially be harmful to your health long term; due to extraction with chemical solvents and containing potentially harmful additives, heavy metals and/or chemical contaminants. Many companies don't do proper batch testing or lie and say they do, unfortunately. We believe your health is not an area to cut corners.

    Our main focus is on CARE, QUALITY, PURITY, POTENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS. We are here to support you on your health journey. So don't hesitate to reach out to us. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30 day money back refund policy. Try our Pure, Bioidential COQ10 today 100% Risk free.
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