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Gave me energy and mental clarity

Awesome product! I have increased energy and mental clarity after taking this for roughly two weeks. Definitely recommend it.

Great Quality, Top of the Line Product

I am on my 3rd bottle and noticed a difference in about the first 2 weeks. I was having muscle issues from Lipitor and opted to stop using it before I couldn't walk anymore (evil stuff!!) but needed something to help w/hereditary cholesterol. My primary physician suggested beginning COQ10 (then add Omega 3 and then Turmeric) to replace the Lipitor w/o sacrificing health. After lots of research and reading reviews, I selected this formulation b/c it absorbs better (b/c of olive oil) and is high quality w/o being outrageously priced.I had occasion to communicate w/the company and they are very committed to producing and maintaining a high quality product so this will be my only go to for COQ10!! I had a particular issue that this is helping with plus this helped with my feeling of wellness and energy. If you are already pretty healthy, you may not notice a huge difference in the short term but I believe this company is ethical and if you choose to take COQ10, then this is the product for you.As for cholesterol, am waiting to get lipid tests so will return to see how well it worked after about 1 month.

Works as advertised

Great product take every night with my cholesterol medicine. Has helped it to work better.

More Energy!!

I really like how I felt after I started taking this supplement. I feel a palpable increase in energy and a better sense of wellness overall, HIGHLY recommended!!!

Would recommend for sure

Received our bottle. Using it and definitely helps with energy levels. Will continue to use and see further benefits. Would recommend this for sure.


NU·TRI·GE·NO·MICS: Is short foNutritional Genomics and is the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes; how diet and supplements affect your genetic expression to either cause disease or good health.

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