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Great Product

I have been using this brand of CoQ10 for several years. I feel assured I am getting what I need to stay healthy!

joints are feeling better

I am a fan of Dr. Ken Berry and he recommended your CoQ10 because it didn't have any unnecessary ingredients. It seems to be working and I am looking forward to ordering it again. I was a little worried yesterday when I saw you were sold out but this email has reassured me that I will be ordering again. Virginia Williamson


This is great for the body. Every one should be taking this daily is my opinion.

Best CoQ10

I am not only taking NutriGenomic Naturals CoQ10 daily but also have my mother who has heart issues taking it. We are both pleased with the quality and feel it helps our over all health. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The Best!

This is the best brand of CoEnzyme Q10 out there!


Hello and welcome to our spot on the web! Thanks for stopping by! NutriGenomic Naturals® is a practitioner developed brand of custom formulated Nutraceutical supplements created with purity and therapeutic efficacy in mind and based on the science of the exciting field of Nutritional Genomics (aka Nutrigenomics), for optimizing health and helping resolve illness caused by nutrient deficiencies and genetic polymorphisms.

We are a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing the highest quality nutritional supplements for creating optimal health. We source premium nutraceutical ingredients in the USA, in their most natural and biodentical forms (not synthetic), for maxiumum absoprtion and efficacy. 

Many people have common genetic polymorphisms where they can't absorb or convert the cheaper synthetic forms of vitamins and supplements. Studies have shown, the body recognizes and absorbs nutrients best in their bioidentcial form, that matches the form the body produces on it's own.

We pride ourseves on using the active, methylated forms of vitmains and bioidentical forms for the best results. Doctors, practitioners and nutritionists rely on these types of therapeutic quality supplements for their patients. We strive to deliver premium quality, therapeutic forms at the most afforable prices as possible.

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